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July 14, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 07/14/13

Deja Vu Vu Vu.

It seems to me I’ve heard that song before.

Harry Reid, you know him, the Senate’s Democratic Leader, has threatened again to end the filibuster, albeit only for White House administrative appointees and not for legislation or judicial nominees.

I suspect Reid will get one or two consolation appointments approved just to mollify him but not much more.


The dastardly duo and masters of Senate malfeasance:  The bluffer and the blocker.  

The Democrats, you see, want the filibuster to continue. They love the filibuster, they adore the filibuster. The filibuster permits them to proclaim loudly in support of legislation that they want to fail in the Senate.

That legislation is mostly suck up bills to appease their base. However, that same legislation would anger the payola – Wall Street and corporations that buy up the seats in that ignominious chamber.

They can then claim to the payola that, that even though they voted for the bill, they really didn’t want the legislation to pass. They just let the GOP do their dirty work.

I really wonder if Reid can get 51 votes from his Dems to implement the so called “nuclear option” to end filibustering.

Long live the filibuster.


Motorcycle Mania.

The North Carolina House passed a motorcycle safety bill this week and sneakily attached to it a rider that would severely limit access to abortions in the State.

Gov. Pat McCrory, who promised during the campaign not to sign additional anti-abortion legislation, fibbed. He did a voltafaccia, a complete 180 degree turn, and said he would sign the bill into law if it passed the NC Senate.

Could he be sniffing the winds for 2016? His positions have become so radically conservative that he’s now considered a right wing darling. He’s probably maneuvering for a VP nod, a move that would take NC out of play in the next presidential election.


Just another right wing GOP governor sniffing the political winds for 2016.

On a positive note about the bill, it does not specifically prohibit a woman from obtaining an abortion while riding a motorcycle.

That’s a relief.


The Texas Terrorist.

Ladies who entered the Texas State Capitol building had their purses searched by State Troopers who proceeded to remove all tampons from the handbags.

Texas State Capitol during the Summer of 2005

The tampon-free zone – the Texas State Capitol.  Troopers courageously removed the devices from the purses of ladies attempting to sneak them into the building.

UPW News Super Senior Correspondent Marcy Popindick reporting from Austin, said she overheard a trooper fingering the strange device telling a woman whose purse he was searching that “we doesn’t allow no improvised explosive devices in this here building.”

While removing the tampons, he said, “You just cain’t trust none of these here pro-abortion terarists.”

Firearms, however, were not confiscated.

Ms. Popindick reported that a member of the Texas Taliban state senate, promised to introduce free carry legislation that would allow women to bring tampons into all public buildings in the great land of the Alamo.

rick perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry sniffing the political air to ascertain support for a 2016 run for the presidency. His chances improved dramatically when legislators promised to pass a free carry tampon bill. 


A Kidney To The Poor.

According to Dean Baker, right wing economist Greg Mankiw, compared progressive taxation to removing a kidney from rich people for transplanting into the poor.

There’s something wrong with Mankiw’s assertion here.

After all, a rich person can have his kidney removed in the private clinic on his yacht.

How much of an inconvenience could that be?

Actually, progressive taxation is a lot less painful and a patriotic duty.

Our pampered rich should skip the surgical procedure and start paying what they rightfully owe.


Pissy Walmart Exec.

The Washington DC city council is considering a bill that would raise the city’s hourly minimum wage for employees of big box retailers to $12.50. Working 40 hours a week, a person at that rate would earn an annual income of $26,000. In DC, apparently, that wage will get you by.

In response, a Walmart executive threatened a pull out from the city.


The Walmart shuffle: Bust into a town; demand outrageous tax concessions; pay wages so low that it forces employees to seek public assistance; kill mom and pop businesses; destroy local jobs and competition and crush whole neighborhoods; then claim to be a good neighbor and a job creator while pocketing countless billions of dollars in exploitative profits.

I have a better suggestion. Why not just kick them out instead. Walmart stands to earn hundreds of million of dollars in profit doing business in DC offering poverty level wages and no benefits often forcing employees to depend on food stamps and Medicaid. These public services, by the way, are entitlements to Walmart that it and other corporations benefit from greatly.

And getting Walmart out of the community, any community, would benefit that community in a number of ways, not the least of which is an inducement to private, small businesses to open up shop.

Remember the “mom and pop” stores. Walmart killed them off by the millions thereby throwing millions of workers into unemployment and starving wage jobs.

In fact, Walmart and other big box retailers, have been job destroyers, by some estimates killing off 3 jobs for every 1 created.

When you consider the tax inducements and other breaks the big boxers receive for barging in, it’s easy to understand how such retailers can be a detriment to the prosperity of a community – paying poverty level wages, forcing workers to depend on public services and reducing the overall tax base for the community they brag about serving.

Want to get your neighborhood back on its feet? Consider dumping Walmart and the other big boxers.

How? Raise the minimum wage. Walmart hates it and maybe, just maybe, they’ll get the hell outta town and “downtowns” will spring up all over the country once again.


A Day To Behold.

The day we long for all year has arrived once again. Is it Christmas? Is it Thanksgiving? Halloween? Labor Day? The Fourth of July?

No, it’s National Nude Day. And today is that day. And why shouldn’t there be a national day for nudity. After all, there are days for condoms and toilet paper and all manner of other events, articles and subjects worthy of celebration.

nude day

And just in case anyone is wondering. No. That isn’t a picture of me. It’s actually a painting by Eugene Emmanuel Amaury Daval (1808-1885) entitled The Birth of Venus).

And here is my paean to National Nude Day.


There once was a dude quite crude
Who often pranced around nude.
With assets astonishing
But a wife admonishing
The dude so imbued found a feud soon ensued.


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June 30, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 06/30/13

Southern Bells Toll.

Actually, the Southern belle for whom these bells are tolling has gotten herself into quite a fix. And the hollow metal devices with the clapper in the middle that causes a persistent clanging as it strikes the sides, are ringing out all over the world.


Ah moan git me some frinch fries with that thar super burger.

It all began when she spouted racial slurs. Who knows how many times, to whom and when. But her blathering revealed a deep rooted racial bias.

The outcome of the revelations: A canceled TV show; her overpriced, made in Asia cookware brand dropped by a dozen retail outlets; and her new cookbook canceled just before its scheduled publication date. Woe is she.

As a sidebar, and just to rub salt into the wounds, many of the recipes featured on her shows may have been pilfered from the cooking of the people she demeans.

Oh, just in case you’re returning from an intergalactic mission impossible space trip, her name is Paula Deam, Dean, Deen. Well, one of those anyway.


Other News.

Yes, there were other newsworthy stories that seeped into the corporate media this week.

For example, right wing troglodytes on the Supreme Court reversed decades of legal precedent by overturning a section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The right wing trolls demanded that Congress erred when it applied the previous formula that determined which states must submit voting laws to the Federal Government for approval. So much for stare decisis.


In a sharply worded dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia referred to homosexual behavior as sodomy. Apparently, the webs remain in the brain even after one emerges from the cave.

To everyone’s surprise, however, the Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act and declared California’s Proposition 8 unconstitutional thereby providing equal rights to same sex couples who wish to marry.


Fix The Facts.

As the facts crumble the organization before their greedily bulging eyes, the members of the right wing Fix the Debt have morphed their message to Fix the Facts.

When the propaganda panic fails because of evidence to the contrary, not a problem. Simply rearrange the evidence to coincide with the propaganda.

Sorta like what’s being done at the Reinhart-Rogoff School of Errant Economics at Harvard.


Right Wing Descent In NC.

Right wing Republicans in North Carolina emerged from their caves this week to enact a Neolithic agenda.

Extremist NC Governor Pat McCrory sneakily repealed a law that ended executions in cases where racial bias is evident.


Gov. Pat McCrory achieved fame for bringing tons of out of state payola into North Carolina and implementing a far right wing agenda.  (Original photo courtesy of Hal Goodtree).

According to a report by Unreliable Press Worldwide Super Senior Correspondent Marcy Popindick covering political affairs in the Tarheel state, some GOP legislators are seeking to reinstate the firing squad in capital cases.

A spokesperson for the NC Cavemen’s Society said the firing squad uses less energy than an electric chair, is environmentally safe and will not contribute to global warming.

The use of lethal injections in executions has been rejected by members of the Society on the grounds that some religious groups object to medical interventions.  None, however, have any objections to firing squads.

In other news, North Carolina has become the first state in the Confederacy Union to refuse Federal funds to assist the state’s unemployed. It has also reduced state unemployment benefits to a maximum of twenty weeks. NC has already cut the weekly benefit. The state has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the nation.


Rudeness On The Court.

Samuel Alito is not only an extremely activist right wing justice on the Supreme Court. He is also a boor. So much so that he may be one of the rudest individuals ever to serve on the High Court.

This week, he was observed crudely rolling his eyes while Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg read her stinging dissent to the Court’s overruling of the section of the Voting Right Act of 1965 that required states with restrictive voter registrations laws to report any changes to Federal authorities.

Alito has been profoundly rude on other occasions as when, for example, he shouted out during a presidential address.

As the justices were leaving the courtroom, some observers noticed a bulge in the robes of Justice Alito suggesting he may have inadvertently doubled dosed on Cialis. Others thought he was surreptiously flipping a bird to Justice Bader Ginsberg.


In another vein, Alito is guilty of lying to Congress during his confirmation hearings. At the time, he stated to the Judiciary Committee that was an advocate of stare decisis and would respect legal precedent set by previous Court decisions.


During his tenure, Alito has been one of the Court’s most activist jurists, showing at every turn a profane disregard for precedent.

The lie before the Committee places Alito in contempt of Congress and makes him subject to impeachment.


Neanderthals In State Legislature.

North Carolina isn’t the only state with a legislature and executive branch occupied by lawmakers recently emerged from the cave.

The Ohio legislature and Gov. John Kasich are taking huge leaps back in time. Both are on an obnoxious quest to restrict women’s reproductive rights.


A spokeswoman for Gov. John Kasich stated the governor is not impotent. Just needs a little help every once in a while. Also, the governor has vowed to be the first patient to undergo the ultrasound test that involves inserting a four inch metal tube into the anus in order to ascertain the health of the prostate gland should the bill requiring test past the legislature. The comment from the surprised Kasich was “I said that!!!”

In an ironic twist of events, Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner introduced a bill to regulate men’s reproductive health. The proposal would require men who sought medications for erectile dysfunction to seek therapy for the condition, undergo a heart stress test and present a notarized statement from a spouse confirming impotency.

Interested parties also suggested men suffering from ED undergo an ultrasound test to confirm that a prostate condition is not the cause of the ailment. During the test, a four inch probe would be inserted into the man’s anus and twisted repeatedly to ensure prostate health.


There once was a man from Lake Placid
Who at a critical moment went flaccid.
He explained to sweet Alice
I’ve used up my Cialis.
I need a quick dose of antacid.
When you lose it and must desist
At the moment a woman can’t resist
When you must take a pill.
In the jar there is nil.
At John Kasich you should really get pissed.

Not to worry.  The bill is certain to fail in the male dominated legislature.


 And from Mad Kane:


May 19, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 05/19/13

Once Again, Harry.

Harry Reid is really, really mad at Republicans for obstructing the business of the Senate. This time Harry is really, really mad. For real.

It seems Republicans are blocking confirmation of President Obama’s judicial nominees and this makes Harry really, really mad.

Harry’s so mad that he’s threatened the “nuclear option.” That means Harry will end Republican filibusters and bring nominees up for a vote requiring only a simple majority.

If Harry does end GOP abuse of the filibuster, it will make Republicans really, really mad. And since Harry, and most other Democrats are afraid to make Republicans really, really mad, chances are Harry will bluster about a bit, maybe get one judicial nominee to pass with a 60-40 vote and return to his old ways of scratching his balding head and wondering why the Senate is in such a mess.


Mitch McConnell sporting a new coiffure and the shit-eatingest grin in the Senate. Oh, he did mention something about Harry Reid pissing his pants once again.

According to a highly placed Senate source, Harry has decided to give Republicans just one more chance to stop exploiting the filibuster rule. Harry made Mitch McConnell say “cross my heart and hope to die” and then did a pinky shake with the Minority Leader.

Harry said he looked deep into McConnell’s eyes and saw warmth and honesty flowing from his heart.

The source also said that while McConnell crossed his heart with his right hand he placed his left behind his back and flipped Harry a bird.

According to Senate rules, that gesture freed the GOP Senate leader from any promises he might have made to Reid’s face.

The source also said that McConnell doesn’t believe a damn thing Harry ever says anyways.

So while Senate Dems are just wild about Harry, no way is the Majority Leader going to make the GOP really, really mad by invoking the nuclear option. If he does so, after all, the Republicans might just abuse the filibuster.


NC GOP: Replacing Success With Failure.

The North Carolina GOP is planning to turn the state’s Medicaid over to the free market.

This usually means that private profit making companies will be free to cut services, free to hire cheap help and free to gouge as much profit from needy patients as owners and shareholders demand.

To accomplish all of the above the state government pledges to deliver a tidy stipend of taxpayer boodle to ensure that the businesses make a handsome profit.


Pat McCrory, GOP governor of North Carolina, in conjunction with a Republican legislature, intends to turn public affairs in the state on its head. As in other states with Republican control, the hollowing out of government will receive priority. Businesses, of course, will prosper. But only at great expense to the taxpayer. (Photo, Hal Goodtree).

The GOP gambit promises to deliver the same services as a similar plan in Kentucky. Patients in the Blue Grass State soon discovered that small providers (once called doctors) have been so squeezed by profit gouging companies that many have been forced to borrow money to keep providing care to needy patients. What happens when the credit runs out? Oh, well!

And auditors in the state are still trying to discover what happened to some $300 million in taxpayer funds.

Personally, I’d check Wall Street.

Now Tar Heel taxpayers should prepare themselves for the profit gouging. Big bucks for shareholders; diminished health care for the needy.

I really have to wonder if the citizens of the once great state of North Carolina realized what they were getting when they cast their votes for Republicans on Election Day. Did they really mean to deprive the needy of health care?

Probably did. After all, NC voters aren’t stupid and who cares about a bunch of poor people anyway. Right, NC? Right.


Impeachment On Table.

According to an unimpeachable White House leaker, Barack Obama has put his impeachment on the table in return for Republican willingness to negotiate a “grand bargain” with the president.


Barack Obama, confident of his superior negotiating skills, has agreed to put his impeachment on the table in exchange for a “grand bargain” with Republicans.

The leaked information gives strong indication that Obama would grant full White House assistance to the House Judiciary Committee should it decide to bring Articles of Impeachment before the full House.

Obama is said to be willing to negotiate the articles in return for cuts to Social Security and Medicare and some concessions on tax reform, with the latter items to be announced at a later date.

The House leadership is apparently eager to proceed to the negotiating table. However, Senate GOP leaders have demurred. They are demanding that Obama enter a guilty plea to the Articles of Impeachment to avoid a Senate trial. GOP senators believe they could not convict Obama in a trial in the Democratic controlled Senate and are insisting that the president agree to a plea of guilty to avoid a trial.

Given the president’s exceptionally strong negotiating skills, the White House is said to be considering the proposal.


Meanwhile a group of Democrats is garnering support for the impeachment proceedings. According to this group, Obama helped the party defeat one of the worst GOP candidates in history and the president has now outlived his usefulness to Democrats. They believe it’s time to give Vice President Joe Biden a chance to bring some semblance of governance to Follyland.


Santilli Lace With An Ugly Face.


Is there a rational conservative (oxymoron alert) who would condone this sick mental dwarf”s disgusting rant?

Yet another one emerges from under the rock.

Here’s the headline quoted from Forward Progressives:

Crazed Radio Host Pete Santilli’s Rant About “Shooting Hillary in the Vagina” Has Done Two Things.

Sick bastard. No other term is suitable under the circumstances.  Read the article if you can stomach it..