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July 27, 2014

The DC Folly Trolley – 07/27/14

Wack-A-Do Gibberish.

Right wing extremist Stephen Moore, who poses from time to time as an economist, took yet another ride on the wing nut tax cut band wagon.

In a wacky Kansas City Star op-ed paid for by the Heritage Foundation, from which Moore receives payola for pretending to be an economist, the think tank employee wrote a piece that managed to state just about every economic lie the right wing promotes, and then some.


Trickle down economics in action, gushing wealth to the top while leaving everyone else in a mist.

In fact, the piece so notoriously stated falsehoods that the newspaper’s editorial board printed a correction that accompanied Moore’s article.

Here are just a few of the economist’s debunked statements:

Unemployment is a paid vacation. Moore obviously has never been without a job. He has however been on paid vacation for years being employed as a think tank think wonk on the payroll of the Heritage Foundation.

Tax cuts create jobs. The only comment a statement like that deserves is that it is plain bullshit, which is otherwise known as a right wing talking point.

Increases in the minimum wage result in unemployment. Unfortunately for us all, outrageously excessive wages for people like Moore don’t.

The tax cuts by right wing wack-a-do and current Republican governor of Kansas Sam Brownback will spur growth. This longed-for Kansas “miracle” ostensibly to work through “trickle down” economics, must occur after years of ruination and deprivation which is currently the state of the Kansas economy due largely to the irresponsible tax cuts Brownback forced on that hard pressed state.


Brownback proves once again that small things come in big heads.

For right wing economists, the way to prosperity is always through ruinous tax cuts that further enrich the already rich, who pay good money to enrich people who write propaganda-saturated articles disguised as op-eds such as what Moore just did in the Kansas City Star.

And, yes, his writing was pure propaganda. Moore is not so dumb as to not realize that advocating for tax cuts regardless of the suffering the cuts are causing should keephim on paid vacation for decades to come.

And just when do the fruits of these destructive tax cuts finally come for the rest of those who lives are being ruthlessly destroyed???.

We’re still waiting, Stevie boy. We’re still waiting.


Cracker Escapes From Barrel.

I’m referring to Jody Hice, of course.


Jody Hice. Surely you know Jody Hice?

Well, if you live in the dementedly religious, sexually repressed, hard drinkin’, straight shootin’ South, you know who Hice is.

No, not Rice, Hice. That’s Hice.

He’s the most recent winner of a Republican primary in Georgia who will run for a House seat in November. And since he’s a Republican from Georgia, he’ll undoubtedly win and become another of the gay bashing Tea Party members of that infamous Lower Chamber of Congress.

Hice contends that homosexuality is destroying America.

gay marriage 1

They’re destroying Ameica???

Not tax cuts for the rich and income inequality; not notorious job killing trade agreements; not poverty level minimum wages; not Wall Street’s felonious fraud; not excessive compensation for do-nothing CEOs; not tax evasion by disloyal American corporations; and certainly not crooked government in Follyland DC.

None of those conditions are destroying America. Right?

No siree bob says our most recent primary winner. It’s just a bunch of damn gay people what’s causin’ the decline of the whole dang country.

Why if gay people would just start fuckin’ the middle class like good rich folks are doin’, Amerca would be great agin and could afford to start some more wars so as to set people everywhere free from crooked gubmint once and for all.

ga marriage

English: A symbolic marriage cake in favor of allowing gay marriages in Italy not only to heterosexual couples but to lesbian and gay ones as well. Picture by Giovanni Dall’Orto, January 26 2008.

Yes siree bob. We got to stop gay folks from a gittin hitched and save Amerca.

Praise the Lord.


Ya got another winner there, Georgia.

Only in America.


Hope And Change. The Final Chapter

The Obama White House, the burial grounds where Hope went to die.


Lyin’ Ryan Flyin’

That Ryan fella (Rep. Paul Ryan of WI) is touting another scam to ram down the throats of the needy.

Ryan is runnin’ (for president) you see and after getting blown away in the last election by a right wing president (yes, Barack Obama is a right wing conservative) largely due to an overwhelming minority vote against the Republican candidates, the man from WI figures he better do something, anything to hornswoggle the down and out into believing that he’s on their side.


Paul Ryan, still out ‘dere.

But he can’t just say he’s on their side by supporting existing Federal programs.

‘Cause if he did, he’d be hog tied and tossed out of the Republican convention, losing all hope forever and ever of ever being nominated for that august position.

So he’s got to come up with a scam which he hopes to ram down the throats of the poor in order to garner a few more votes for the presidential election.

His recent proposal is just that, a scam. The plan says to his moneybags base, largely the 1%, that he is firmly against Federal assistance to the lesser among us. And then it purports to turn programs over to the states via block grants. Of course, accepting the grants would be voluntary and the states that do accept can pretty much do as they please with the money. Oh, please.

the finger

Cover sheet for the Ryan plan for the poor. Artist: Svetlyana Fucova.

Anybody smell a rat here.

Ryan’s lyin’. Again. His scheme is a last ditch effort to convince people who desperately need help that he, Paul Ryan really cares. About them But his words echo the worn out “compassionate conservative” gambit that George W. Bush dusted off more than a decade ago.

The word has surely gone out the the base to pay no attention. The whole construct is a merely scheme to wangle a few more minority votes than the GOP managed in the last election.



The unbelievable George Will. He’s right for a change. Or should I say “correct.”

You see, sometimes you have a problem and you’re stuck with it. There’s a solution to the problem. You may not like it. But it’s the only solution you have.

Let the kids stay.  With a little help and a little guidance, they’ll become good Americans.


Limerick Lunacy.

A fellow was proud of his rank
Till it plummeted after his shank
His handicap rose
From his toes to his nose
He had only bad strokes to thank.
A woman was trying to rank
The safety of funds in her bank.
She discovered a flaw
A security maw
So big that she sat down and drank.
A fellow was proud of his rank
In a foreign affairs think tank.
He took cash from donors
Who were really his owners.
But their money he took to the bank.
A fellow was terribly rash
About spending his limited cash
He bought a Ferrari
But soon he was sorry
In a flash he had spent all his stash.
A gal was upset by a rash
From a night that left her abash
She fell out of a boat
And so couldn’t gloat
She plunged in coal ash with a splash.
A woman had done something rash
Had tonic and gin just a splash
She woke up in a daze
With eyes all a glaze
She had been taken out with the trash.
A gal was re-tiling the floor
When she heard a knock on the door
She wasn’t a prude
So she worked in the nude
And rushed to the door to find Pastor Nabore.
A fellow demanded the floor
Gave a speech a saint it would bore.
Some listeners would weep
Some just fell asleep
And drowned out the speech with a snore.
A teacher was trying to drill
A lesson in voice too shrill
She quit in despair
And pulled out her hair
Went home and uncorked the swill.
A teacher was trying to drill
Her students on San Juan Hill
She said Teddy the bear
Ran up on a tear
Won the war then sent us the bill.
A fellow who rented a suite
From a gal who was cloyingly sweet
Then made a fast pass
Got a boot in the ass
And hit the concrete on Main Street.
A gal who was cloyingly sweet
Sent a titillatingly fiery tweet.
It said “I am ready”
To go hot and steady.”
And I promise I won’t tear the sheet.”
A man in a mood for a sweet
Affair with a woman discreet.
Didn’t care ’twas quick
As long as the chick
Didn’t squeal and tell all in a tweet.
A fellow was wielding his drill
After taking an energy pill.
He leaned on the bit
With much too much grit
And got hit with a 120 thrill.
March 17, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 03/17/13

Congressman Undergoes Tests.


Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory revealed today that they have discovered the cause of the sudden swelling of the head of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

The announcement came at 2:15 this afternoon. Researchers reported that they had detected large pockets of air in the congressman’s cranial cavity.  The air registered at an unusually high temperature.

The report stated that there was no cure for the mysterious condition but that Ryan would experience relief every time he opened his mouth.


Habemus Papam.

The recently crowned Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis (you don’t need to use the I because it’s understood since he’s the first and there may never be a II) has been accused of turning a blind eye to the violence and murders that occurred in Argentina during what has been called the “Dirty War.”

In the 1970s and early 1980s, military juntas were responsible for the disappearance of thousands of opposition members. Numbers vary, but as many as 30,000 people may have been murdered.

Then Jesuit superior Bergoglio decided to stand aside, presumably to protect the Church, and by his silence is at least complicit in the violence.

It’s not known at the moment whether the new Pope’s silence during the “Dirty War” will cause further harm to a scandal plagued Church.

But we can say in defense of Francis that at least he never ordered a drone strike. And we can’t say that about everybody who inhabits this rapidly deteriorating planet.

Habemus papam.

    st pat

Right Wing Dems Set To Betray FDR.

President Obama made it clear to the Democratic caucus that he intends to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits earned by the American people.

He and right wingers such as Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and other House Democrats who claim to be members of the Progressive Caucus announced their willingness to accept the so-called “chained CPI”, an inflationary measure which further reduces benefits already deteriorating due to inflation. They also agreed to means testing for Medicare benefits.

Accepting these positions on safety net benefits places  Obama and his Democratic supporters squarely and firmly in the camp of right wing conservatives who for decades have been driven to cut, gut and destroy safety net benefits for the American people.


Pseudo-Democrat and right wing conservative Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland with the smile filled with treachery..

The Mainstream Corporate Media loves to refer to these New Deal traitors as “centrists.”

Not so. You can’t add liberal and conservative positions, divide by two and get a “centrist.”

While political sharpies like Obama may support gays rights and equality, those liberal issues cannot be combined with benefit cuts to arrive at that meaningless Corporate Media designation.

Centrist” is a concoction by those who seek to avoid the label “right winger.”

The fact is that a person, such as the president, can be both a liberal on some issues and a right wing conservative on others. And Obama, like Bill Clinton before him, is forcing the Democratic party in a rightward direction.


Why would Obama betray his liberal base and strong arm progressives with threats of pulling payola during election years?

Several reasons come to mind. One is that Obama is a one-percenter who aspires to enter the nirvana of the next higher level.

Another is the desire for an ego tripping pharoah-like pyramid referred to in modern times as the “presidential library.” And yes, just like a pyramid, the structure could become a sarcophagus if the president decides this freakish monument to his legacy is the place where his remains should lie in repose.

To build such a monstrosity will cost.  And we’re talking some heavy bucks here. A hundred, maybe two hundred million greenbacks or more. The prez may already be getting promises from the Fix the Debt crowd of millions in contributions if only he plays ball with them. Well, guess what? He’s been playing ball with the billionaires from day one.


The Great Pyramid at Giza with the Sphinx by Hubert Sattler. (Wikimedia).

st pat

Italians Come To Their Senses.

Italians went to the polls in February and gave 25% of their votes to the party of comedian Beppe Grillo, a funnyman turned politician.

It you’re an American you can certainly empathize with the Italians. After all, we’ve put any number of jokers in the White House over the years.

Whatever you might think of him, one thing is certain, Beppe Grillo-a man of the people.


Italian voters have come to their senses.
Elected a member with no pretenses.
A comic he was to be sure
With politics a recent detour.
Against him the bankers are raising high fences.

st pat

6000 Year Old Planet.

If you look very closely at the depiction below, you can see Adam and Eve screwing in the background, proof positive that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

By the way, if you think the pair got booted out of the Garden of Eden because they ate some piece of fruit withering on a tree, you’d be wrong. The real reason they got tossed is that Adam whipped it out and stuck it to Eve right there in front of God, fer chrissakes.


Like they couldn’t do it in a tent, maybe.


And now for some real dinosaur news. Paleontologists in Spain uncovered dinosaur nests containing hundreds of fossils of egg shells and fragments laid millions of years ago by a species known as sauropods.

Scientists are calling the discovery one of the most significant finds in recent years.

Read the article in Science Daily.

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February 2, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 02/02/13

They Still Don’t Know What Hit Them.

A couple of good ole boys who got caught by their wives after being out drinking all night???  

john paul

No!!! Two know-nothing GOP senators after tangling with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the contrived Benghazi hearings.

Doesn’t matter who they are.  Nobody cares.


Lopsided Victory.

Some ladies you just can’t push around, guys. But then you’re Republicans. You wouldn’t know that.


The winner by a knockout, Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Next time wear your helmets and body armor, fellas.



Ryan Reveals Alien Ancestry.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) revealed that many centuries ago an ancient ancestor immigrated to Earth from the planet Vulcan and engaged in illicit sexual relations with a female member of the cave dwelling Ryan clan.

The female claimed she was seduced by the Vulcan when he placed her in drug induced hypnotic states.  

The affair, which lasted over a period of several months, resulted in pregnancy before the woman’s mate discovered the liaisons.

The woman insisted that the Vulcan returned repeatedly to a secret place in the forest where she often went to pick berries.  While there, the undocumented immigrant beguiled her and gave her the mind altering potion.

The mate became incensed, followed his spouse to the hiding place where the alleged affairs occurred and severely wounded the Vulcan by firing an arrow into his back while he was on top of the female engaging in yet another illicit act.

The Vulcan denied the affair; after all, it was his word against a jealous mate’s.  However, he eventually confessed after being subjected to a technique called waterboarding which the clan leaders referred to as not torture.  After being repeatedly not tortured, the Vulcan succumbed.

The exchange of genetic material that occurred as a result of the illicit union between the Vulcan and the clan member became embedded in the genes of the offspring and remains in the DNA of the clan.  Its effects surface only once in several generations during the modern era.

The gene that passes to the unlucky Ryan member reveals itself during the aging process.

It is becoming apparent that Paul Ryan, as he grows older, is the unfortunate recipient of the mixed gene pool in the current generation.

Providence, however, smiled on Ryan.  The ancient clan from which he evolved had declared abortion illegal and its chieftains refused repeated requests by the Vulcan-impregnated female to undergo the procedure.

The clan also rejected medical coverage for its members  requiring them to provide for their own health care through a voucher system. As a result of this callous attitude, the mother died during delivery for lack of adequate medical care. The baby however survived and passed his traits onto future generations.

It is from this background that Ryan inherited his primitive social belief system.  



On Meet the Press last week, Paul Ryan issued what he expected to be a threat by saying the sequestration, the silly agreement agreed to after the Senate disagreed about some other agreement (you figure it out) will really, really happen.  Now everybody in Follyland is scared.

It turns out nobody paid much attention to Ryan (not since he struggled with fourth grade arithmetic to develop his phony budget and instantly became a DC math genius) nobody, that is, except whatcha call your mainstream corporate media.  They fawned all over this arithmetic challenged budget faker.

Ryan’s budget, you see, doesn’t balance until 2060.

2060!!!  Are you shittin’ me?

Nope.  2060.  According to s spokesman, during a critical addition operation Ryan forgot to carry the one.  So instead of balancing in 2020, turns out it won’t for 40 more years.


Ryan has been called seriously serious by whatcha call your mainstream corporate media because of his willingness to pilfer funds from the elderly by raiding Social Security using a variety of sneaky methods such as profitization of the program and raising the retirement age to somewhere between 70 and 100 or thereabouts.

He has also been referred to as courageously courageous for his willingness to cheat seniors out of their health care – again through a profitization scam using vouchers; and then fearlessly fearless for stealing candy from little kids. I made that last part up; but with Ryan who can tell?

Anyways, his threat still stands and it means that the House won’t agree to any more agreements unless they’re disagreeable to the majority of Americans and agreeable to the 1% who send payola Ryan’s way.

Anyways, if the threat prevails, the War Department will suffer cuts as will a number of domestic programs including Medicare cuts to providers (who used to be called doctors) who provide medical care to providees (used to be called patients). The providees, however, will not be required to pay any more to their providers. They won’t pay any less either.

Social Security has been desequestered, that is, not included in the cuts scheduled to take place after the sequester becomes effective. However, cuts could be made to the program after the sequester sequesters.

Is that clear?  


Mitch McConnell, Republican propagandist extraordinaire second only to Fox News, warned gun owners that Democratic critters are a fixin’ to confiscate yo’ guns. Yessarie bob, they’re a fixin’ to break down the door to yo’ house, tie up yo’ wife and little chilins, konk you over yo’ head and confiscate yo’ guns. Yesserie, bob.


McConnell putting on a happy face – for him.

They’re surroundin’ us, Mitch declared, so ya’all better git yo’ wagons in a circle. They’re a comin’ for yo’ guns. Ya’ all know what a circle is now don’t cha. Ya’ all learnt that in higher ejacashun in third grade.

Read the real article at:

McConnell warns gun owners: Obama and Democrats have you ‘literally surrounded’ | The Raw Story


Money is the root of all evil. How many times have the heard that saying.? It is, like so many other adages, an incomplete quote. The actual phrase reads the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, a subtle difference that drastically changes the meaning of the author’s intent. The reference is to the sin of greed, an evil which leads men astray. Nothing wrong with money per se or spending a little of it to have some fun.

Saul Tarsus, the man who invented Christianity, wrote the statement in a letter to somebody named Timothy in what is now referred to as the epistle, 1 Timothy to be exact.

In the missive, Tarsus (aka St. Paul) is warning his disciple against false teachers who warp messages for personal gain.

Sound familiar. Today, the Second Amendment is perverted to drastically distort its meaning solely for gun sellers to rake in huge amounts of ill-gotten money.

“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The last part of the sentence is the one we’re most familiar with and it’s the phrase that’s routinely propagandized by gun sellers.

Historians now tell us that one reason for including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights was the insistence of the South.  The fear of slave rebellions among Southern plantation owners was at the core of the amendment’s adoption. Seems the slave holders demanded the right to raise a posse to quell possible insurrections or to hunt down and lynch escaped slaves.

St Paul, the man who created a new religion out of an old one, was a prescient observer of the weaknesses of men.  His message rings through the ages and applies more than ever to the abhorrent behavior of modern men.


And that brings us to Larry Summers, an advocate, if not one of the architects of, the current recession and the collapse of the economy in 2007.

Summers, a Robert Rubin acolyte, was and remains the champion of financial deregulation. He praised Gramm-Leach-Bliley – notoriously named the Financial Modernization Act – the legislation that repealed Glass-Steagall and led to the “too big to fail” creation of monster banks and advanced the greed that pervades Wall Street wheeling and dealing.

As Treasury secretary, he advised former President Bill Clinton to sign off on the Commodity Futures Modernization Act that is directly responsible for derivatives trading fraud and the wholesale foreclosure crisis.

Note the word “modernization” in the names of the two acts.  In 1984 style, the word lends a degree of respectability to the legislation it never deserved.


Summers it appears is never more than a few months away from popping up in the news and so it was once again last week. At Davos, Switzerland, where the world’s noblemen gather from time to time to decide the fate of commoners, Summers distorted or is ignorant of the facts of yesteryear, a revelation that surfaced in a speech to the gathering of financial royalty in which he claimed that wages increased along with productivity during the Clinton years.

Oh, my. Larry’s wrong again. The graph in a column by Dean Baker clearly shows the disparity between the two, a trend which began during Reagan’s reign and continues today.

Government statistics revealed the separating of the ways between productivity and wages for years. Was Larry inferring that the government didn’t know information published by the government during his term of service in, well, the government?  

Facts still have a nasty way of interfering with one’s opinions, even Larry’s.

Read the real article by Dean Baker at FDL.

Larry Summers Says the Clinton Administration Didn’t Have Access to Government Economic Data | MyFDL


Summers seems to have a penchant for saying and doing the wrong thing. The man’s an economics genius, and a rich one at that. But talk about your foot in mouth syndrome, this guy has the uncanny ability to fit both in.

As president of Harvard, for example, he bemoaned the lack of women pursuing careers in science and engineering in a poorly worded statement that was largely misinterpreted as a slight to the intelligence of women.

Well, that’s Larry for ya. Getting entangled in his own dumb words and then getting fired for speaking them.

No need to feel sorry for this genius, however. His buds on Wall Street did that, to the tune of millions. Yes, indeed, Larry is a multimillionaire.

Kinda makes me wallow in self-pity though. I’ve said lots of stupid things in my life and never got a dime for it.

Like the time I said women don’t get rich on Wall Street because they can’t cheat and steal as well as men. Sorry, ladies. No offense intended, but I’m sure you could do just as well as the men if you’d just put your mind to it.

Could it be that most ladies just don’t want to cheat and steal?

Well, that’s hard to understand, particularly since cheating and stealing are the American way. How else ya gonna get rich in this country?


You remember John McCain, right? He’s still one of two senators from the state of Arizona.

You may also recall that McCain, still one of two senators from the state of Arizona, was the knight of the realm during the reign of George W. Bush.

He voted for the war in Iraq and that was just one among many of his dumb votes. There are so many it’s hard to tell which is his dumbest, but the vote for the war is right up there at the top of a very long and still growing list.

He also voted in favor of what was trumped up as the “surge”, the operation in which Bush sent 20,000 additional troops to that worn torn country.

The effectiveness of the surge was woefully distorted by whatcha call your mainstream corporate media and mythologized as the operation that turned the war around.

It did no such thing, of course.

The war was indeed on a more favorable path. But it was turning long before the additional forces invaded the country.

Some factors responsible for the turnabout were

  • The arming of Sunnis with U.S. munitions to enlist these tribes in the fight against Shite and al Qaeda insurgents in a movement known as the Awakening.
  • The deracination of entire neighborhoods by uprooting Shites and Sunnis from their homes and relocating them to separate areas behind concrete barriers.
  • A greater degree of cooperation from the Shite cleric Muqtada al Sadr who withdrew his forces from the insurgency at the request of the Iranian government.

These processes were in place and achieving a reduction in violence before the “surge” had any impact on the war.

So here comes John McCain. You remember him. He’s still one of the senators from Arizona.

The guy was ragging incessantly on Defense nominee Chuck Hagel about a statement the former senator made years ago regarding the dangerous surge policy of the Bush administration. Hagel might have been more judicious in his use of words and substituted “fruitless” for “dangerous.”


Mrs. McCain can Johnny come out and play today.

No. Johnny’s been fighting and he’s being punished.

Nevertheless, Hagel was correct in his assessment at the time and McCain, still a senator from Arizona, was flat, dead wrong.

Read the real article at Truthout.

The Iraq War “Surge” Myth Returns


Warning: The following material is really dirty. So I hope you enjoy reading it.

A fellow stepped into the hall
Effects of Cialis clear to all
He began to sway
And soon lost his way
Left his mistress waiting to ball.
A woman stepped into the hall
With spiked heels and suffered a fall
Completely undressed
And highly distressed
Needing ice for her double highball.
A woman stepped into the hall
Tripped over a guy legs asprawl
To her pleasant distraction
He was ready action
Her yearnings she could not forestall.
Also posted to MadKane’s Limerick blog.
November 11, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 11/11/12


The winner and still President of the United States….


According to UPW Super-Senior Reporter Marcy Popindick the Neanderthal demographic voted 100% for Mitt Romney.

Neanderthals, who live in tribes located largely in regions known as Red States, have voted Republican since the days of Ronald Reagan. The former president is said to have appealed to the primitive people’s racist instincts.

Ms. Popindick interviewed the leader of one of the Southern tribes. Chief Ralph Cucamonga told the reporter that Neanderthals hate just about everybody who doesn’t agree with their political, religious and social views and the tribes stand ready to primary any members who seek leadership positions and whose views deviate from mandated ideology.


Chief Ralph Cucamonga after hearing the news that President Obama had been reelected.

The chief stated that Neanderthals are a deeply religious people who often mix religion with politics.,

He denied the accusation that religious indoctrination of their young begins at an early age and stated the practice is strictly prohibited.

However, in order to remain in good standing, tribal members are required to oppose abortion, voting rights and equality of females. Also, members must support prayer in public places which includes schools, courtrooms and toilets.

According to Ms. Popindick, the tribes are in a state of shock and disbelief at the loss of Mitt Romney and the reelection of the socialist Barack Obama.

The primitives also opposed the president’s reelection because his complexion is somewhat darker than the average Neanderthal’s and because Obama refuses to grow a beard and adopt a straggly coif.

Chief Cucamonga stated his people had no difficulty whatever casting their votes at the polls even though they had no photo ID, weren’t registered and didn’t shave or comb their hair.


Paul Ryan said today that his choice of a presidential candidate to run on the Republican ticket with him was a mistake.

His mathematical model of the election indicated that the GOP ticket would win. However, in checking his numbers, he discovered that he forgot to carry the one.


No compromise Ryan is blessed

With a press that thinks he’s the best.

In headlines they’re honkin’

The numbers he’s wonkin’.

Yet his math is hard to digest.


Well, their you have it folks, The election’s over and it only cost $4.2 billion. It’s an outrage and a disgrace. Candidates are saying they are disappointed. They expected far more payola given the amount of time they squandered selling out to rich people.


Gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson made a multi-million dollar bet on the election. His placed his money on the red. Shoulda put it on the black.


And I thought Barack Obama was an idiot.  (DonkeyHotey).

It was certainly a beautiful color on election night.


Some Republicans are blaming the election loss on faulty programming of electronic voting machines. The devices simply did not flip enough votes. Wait till next time though. No more fuck ups, they said.

And even though Republican governors were able to eliminate millions of fraudulent votes, they didn’t have enough time to deny even more people their precious right to cast a ballot.

So just because you’re a governor, you can’t be a fuck up???


The Republicans game is to cast blame

The excuses so old they are lame

It’s the other guy’s fault

Flip flop, somersault

It’s the fraudulent vote they exclaim.


Another Republican just got laid and got caught. Remember Dinesh D’Sousa? Talk about fucking up!

Former General and currently former CIA director David Petraeus got caught screwing around with the woman who helped him write his biography, according to an FBI investigation.

In a report filed by UPW reporter Marcy Popindick, the two participants were working on an updated version of the general’s life and were putting the finishing touches on the final chapter. I wonder if it will include the juicy parts.

File:David H. Petraeus.jpg

A star goes supernova.  General David Petraeus.

So yet another prominent Republican falls victim to the Sixth Commandment: Yea verily, thou shalt surely not commit adultery when the FBI is snooping around.

Lest we forget, however, Democrats too are vulnerable to the weaknesses of the flesh. Hello, Eliot Spitzer.


General Petraeus had an affair

With a woman it was so don’t despair

Gays are laughing like hell

Their old enemy just fell

Revenge is sweet and always so fair.


Mad Kane tells us that there is a national gin day. Only one? I’m shocked.

I can’t help wondering if this ethyl alcohol based liquor isn’t somehow involved in those shenanigans engaged in with such regularity by our esteemed rulers.


There’s a day that celebrates gin.

For all it’s a real win-win.

And I’m not talkin’ Eli’s cotton

That machine is long forgotten

It’s what you pour that let’s the fun begin.


Newly reelected President Barack Obama is said to be standing firm on his demand that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire on January 1st.

Speaker of the House John Boehner announced that he would accept no tax increases thereby setting up a stand off with the president.

When Boehner called the White House to tell the president personally of his ultimatum, Obama could not be located.

Sasha, the president’s 11 year old daughter, finally found her father under the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom, shaking uncontrollably.

Daddy, you come out here right this minute,” she said. “If you don’t tell Boehner to go to hell, I will.”


They are not even eyeball to eyeball yet and Obama just blinked. He’s open to some form of compromise on the tax cuts for the wealthy.

Seniors beware the “grand bargain.”


You may think the Republican party is a relic of the past. But Obama can save it, as he did in 2010.


I’ve been called some pretty nasty things before, mostly by kids when I was a kid. But I’ve never been called a “maggot”, even by a kid. Oh well, takes one to know one.

Peter Morrison, Texas GOP Official, Calls For ‘Amicable Divorce’ From ‘Maggots’ Who Voted For Obama

Talk about your genetically defective Republican politician, that seems to be a requirement.

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September 8, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/09/12

Ready for another ride on the GOP Wacky Wagon.

An example of a GOP Wacky Wagon stuck in the mud. A member of the party is about to make a statement.

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland equated student loans with a slippery slope that could lead to another Holocaust. I can’t conceive of the path a mind takes to get from student loans to the Holocaust. But some brains can make that incredible leap faster than it takes light to travel in a second.

Once he realized the stupidity of his remark he apologized. However, as a famous comedian once said: “You can’t fix stupid.”

OK, so he apologized. But like all statements from Republicans who bought a ticket on the Wacky Wagon, Bartlett’s remark offers a macabre view into the deep, dark recesses of the GOP brain. There’s just something wrong there and it’s scary.


The GOP mind has done the impossible and broken the Einsteinian barrier in the process. The Republican brain can go from numb to stupid faster than the speed of light.


In accordance with its policy of denying scientific truths, the Republican party declared Einstein’s theory unconstitutional.


The Obama campaign suffered a setback this week as job figures indicated only 96,000 created. Most of those jobs were in the low paying service industry as manufacturing jobs declined. Overall, the figure was a disappointment for Obama.

The unemployment rate did however tick downward to 8.1%. Critics quickly pointed out that the drop was due largely to removing from the rolls all those unemployed who have been without work for so long they are considered no longer looking for employment.

Under the circumstances, the administration has ordered the Bureau of Labor Statistics to consider anyone who has been out of work for more than ten minutes as no longer looking for employment. The Obama campaign anticipates a precipitous drop in the unemployment rate for September.


In contrast to the BLS statistics, ADP reported 201,000 jobs created in August. Given the better ADP numbers, Obama ordered the Labor Department to disband the BLS and begin using numbers generated by the payroll firm.


Bill Clinton criticized Paul Ryan in the speech he made at the Democratic National Convention. During the spiel, he used the word “brass” to describe Ryan’s criticism of the cuts to Medicare mandated by the Affordable Care Act pointing out that the VP candidate’s own program called for the very same cuts.

Moreover Big Dog’s remark was a valid crack at Ryan’s confused approach toward spending and tax cuts in general

The inference was of course that Ryan is so hypocritical he has “brass balls” to think he can get away with his numbers legerdemain. The statement is truth personified. 


Courtesy DonkeyHotey

But I wonder if the former president was referring to another word that rhymes with brass. Ryan is, as we all know, the back half of the Romney ticket.

As for me, I would in no way ever infer that Ryan is an “elephant ass.” Even though an elephant has a very large posterior, it doesn’t seem quite large enough to describe Ryan and his budget antics. Whale’s ass, whale’s ass, whale’s ass. Hmmmm. We’re getting closer.


The “brass” word drew a reaction from Ryan. No matter. After all party conventions are little more than multimillion dollar pep rallies. So the expectation is that criticism of the opposition will ensue. .

Bill Clinton said Ryan has brass. 

But Paul speaks out of his ass

He took Federal funds

So much that it stuns.

Then prayed for a fail at each Mass.


He’s a hypocrite all the way through

He stands for cuts with the few .

We know he’s a fake

For cash he will take

And drag it back home by the slew.


Janet Granholm, former Michigan governor, gave a barn burner of a speech at the DNC. So much so that she made the guys look like a bunch of pussies. We shouldn’t be surprised though. I mean, let’s face it, they are Democrats.


A Republican appeals court declared unconstitutional a Minnesota law requiring corporations to make disclosures about their campaign advertising. In a lot of words, the GOP members of the court said the disclosure law represented an infringement of free speech.

The question I have always asked is that if speech is supposedly “free” why does it cost so much to advertise it on TV, and radio that only the rich elite can afford to pay for it. The public, after all, owns the airwaves over which speech is transmitted. And those airwaves should be available to all responsible parties to get their points of view across to the public and the should be, well, free.

Given the outlandishly high cost of advertising and the fact that the most effective method of putting views before the public is through electronic means, speech in America is no longer “free” at all. You need a bundle of cash to pay for it.


Greedy geezer Alan Simpson can’t seem to keep his name out of the news. Here is a man who sucked at the government teat for most of his life and is still sucking at a government pension; who was appointed to the Cat Food Commission by a president determined to make cuts to the social safety net; a man who co-chaired a committee that failed utterly to achieve a consensus report; this man’s name and his disastrous recommendations are still out there for consideration.


Greedy geezer Alan Simpson has sucked at the government teat for most of his life, first as a senator and now collecting an extravagant government pension. On his back is co-chair of the failed Cat Food Commission, the aristocrat Erskine Bowles. (Courtesy DonkeyHotey).

Even the once avid Democratic defender of Social Security and Medicare, Nancy Pelosi, embraced the repudiated Simpson-Bowles calamity,

But the corpse keeps rising from the grave like some supernatural movie monster. Now called the “grand bargain”, it is still being touted by a so-called Democratic president who foolishly supports it even at the peril of his presidency.

Pelosi, by the way, was almost certainly strong armed by Obama into supporting the president’s cat food proposals by threats to her leadership position. If she were bumped from the top spot, the right wing “Democrat” Steny Hoyer would become the next Speaker of the House should his party win back that branch.

So the repudiated report of the Cat Food Commission, rejected by the committee members themselves, lives on with the name of the nasty Simpson still associated with it.

But let’s not forget that it lives only because a Democratic president continually breathes life into it.


Are we better off today than we were during the Bush years? Of course we are, despite the fact that we have a president frightened of right wing criticism at the helm.

The economy has stabilized and the fear of collapse has receded. The president’s policies, half-way measures at best, did indeed prevent an even greater disaster than the one we face today. .

Yes, we’re better off now.

The prez deserves a bow.

Yet it hasn’t been fun

Left a big job undone.

Now bipartisanship he must disavow. .


Yes, we are better off now.

But Keynes the prez must avow.

His deficit coddling

With GOP throttling

Caused pain we should never allow. .


Yes, we are better off now.

But the prez must continue to plow

Through a Senate blockade.

Despite efforts he made

He could not dissuade

The Tea Party from the plans they endow.


Yes we are better off now

Though supply side’s the sacred cow.

But stimulus he’ll pursue

While deficit he’ll eschew

And to no one again will he ever kowtow.


Are we better off now?  Yes, we are.

The market is soaring afar.

But we cannot desert

The people who hurt

So reach he must for a star.


Are we better off now? Yes, we are.

Though we still can’t go to a bar.

Our town is dry

So a drink we can’t buy

For libation we travel too far.


As a liberal, this election presents a choice as poor as any since Clinton-Dole in 1996. The options in November are between the dangerous duo, Romney-Ryan and a Wall Street sugar daddy in Barack Obama.

Yes, a Wall Street sugar daddy. From the very beginning, his appointments reflected a strong bent toward his benefactors from the banks and investment firms.

The patsy Tim Geithner and avid deregulationist Larry Summers sent the message to the Street that it had nothing to fear from an Obama administration. His Justice Department refused to prosecute, he lent luke warm support to pretend financial regulation and rejected effective support to homeowners facing foreclosure.

And where did this kowtowing to the Big Money Boys on the Street get him?  Apparently, he hurt their feelings for not rejecting outright any and all forms of regulation.  And because of the mere appearance Dodd-Frank lent to the idea that they somehow may have been responsible for the near collapse of the world economy, they’ve forsaken the president.

While he left many of his supporters in the lurch, Obama simply could not do enough to earn once again the payoff money lavished upon him by Wall Street fraudsters in 2008. They’re now supporting Romney.

I guess it’s true. What goes around comes around. Obama learned too late that the President of the United States is a servant, not of the people, but of the monied elite. And Mitt Romney is their boy in 2012.


Mitt Romney has an image problem. He appears to many voters as a straight laced, starched collar, investment bank fraudster.

I wonder why.

His wife’s speech before the Republican National Convention was intended to dispel that notion that he’s an uncaring automaton.

Well, the effort failed.

The mention that when Romney has a muffin for breakfast he eats the top and discards the rest was supposed to reveal a human touch of the man. Go figure. His whole aura just seems to get worse. He’s robot man.


In order to boost Mitt’s appeal

He started his own brand new deal.

A muffin a day

Throw the bottom away

To reveal not conceal a robotic schlemiel.


According to Andy Borowitz, the presidential race is close among viewers with no TV sets. UPW polling numbers differ somewhat. The worldwide news outlet reports that viewers with no TV sets preferred Obama by 66-2/3 % versus Romney’s 33-1/3%.

All three viewers said they planned to buy at least one TV in the coming weeks – adding significantly to the rise in the consumer confidence index of 17% reported by Gallup.

When asked by a reporter from a competing news organization how someone without a TV set could be described as a viewer, UPW Senior Correspondent Marcy Popindick flipped him a bird.

This report comes to you from Unreliable Press Worldwide, surpassing the mainstream media in bringing you worthlessly useless news the world over.

You can read the real report by the most astute political observer in America today by clicking the link below:


I mentioned above that the 1996 choice between Clinton-Dole was one of the worst I had ever faced during a presidential election.

I voted for Clinton holding my nose as the saying goes.

Clinton, after all, signed off on NAFTA, a really crummy deal crafted during the administration of Bush I. Bush of course was too slick a politician to sign off on the pact during his first term.  That act would almost certainly have lost the election. So he left the dirty deed for his second term.

Ross Perot’s entry into the race changed the calculus in 1992 so the notorious deed was left to Clinton.

That trade agreement is still causing incalculable damage to the economy of the United States and has had a disastrous effect on the lives of millions of people in Mexico. According to some economists, NAFTA is partly responsible for the wave of starving immigrants rushing into the U.S.

Add to that Clinton’s perfectly awful second term – deregulation, the big corporate mergers that hastened economic oligarchy (telecommunications, Exxon-Mobil, the banks), his attempt to privatize Social Security in a deal with Newt Gingrich and much more – and you have arguably one of the worst presidents of the twentieth century.


Democrats give him a 69% favorability rating. Think we’ve been smoked?  No doubt about it.  And remember, up from Clinton’s ashes grew Barack Obama whose attack on the safety net is unparalleled for a so-called Democratic president.

So there you have it. Once again one of the worst options in recent American elections. The choice between the dangerous duo of Romney-Ryan or the less dangerous Obama.

Only in America.

September 3, 2012

GOP Proposes Senior Diet

GOP Diet Plan for seniors.

The basic diet consists of dry cat food, generic brand (it’s cheaper). Eat a small bowl for breakfast every day. Water may be added if utility bill payments are up to date.

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market

Cat food for sale at an Istanbul animal market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seniors will be gratified to know that the variety of cat foods is almost inexhaustible. Comparison shopping is essential however and generic brands are always cheaper.

Join together in groups of five and buy a fifty pound bag of dry cat food. Always buy off brand. Can’t be too cost conscious when living on a starvation budget. Then divide the contents equally. Buying in bulk always saves money.

Eat dry or, if your teeth are bothering you from lack of dental care, mix with water and wait for the vittles to soften.

If seniors save their money, at Thanksgiving and Christmas they can buy a tin of canned cat food. Or, for a real treat, dog food, which when water is added, produces a savory gravy.

Heat on the stove if the electicity hasn’t been turned off due to late payments.

And, by the way, don’t count on the kids for help. They’ll likely be moving in before long if they’re not alreay there


Paul Ryan’s habitual lyin’

Has poor momma soulfully cryin’

To heaven this critter will never arrive

He’ll be headin’ straight south his last day alive


For Ryan it’s just too late

St. Peter will shut the gate

About this there’s no denyin’

In Hades his toes will be fryin’.


Of course it won’t keep him from tryin’

To land in the White House before diein’

He is for sure a good talker

At heart though just a squawker


His Vouchercare he’ll hawk

But mostly it’s empty talk

Yet truth reveal he’ll not dare.

For it will surely doom his Vouchercare.


Increase it will insurance stock

While care the plan will certainly block

As patients suffer round the clock.

And leave a nation in total shock.


How could they fall for blatant lyin’

Too many have there’s no denyin’

New laws for seniors he’ll be applyin’

By sleight of hand that’s slick Paul Ryan.


You just gotta love the way the pretend media in this country treats the seriously serious budget of seriously serious Paul “Lyin” Ryan.

These media imposters call him courageous. I haven’t quite figured out exactly what is so courageous about cutting taxes for rich people or wasting more money on war spending.

I guess these pundit posers believe it’s “courageous” too starve the poor and elderly, deny medical care to tens of millions (including little children) and cheat hard working Americans out of their earned Social Security benefit.

Ryan is nothing short of a fiscal phony. Yet in these United States, such vile behaviour on the part of Paul Ryan is considered “courageous” by a media as phony as the phony they’re protecting.


Whatcha call your “Defense” Department has suspended training of a police force in Afghanistan until trainees are screened for possible ties to the Taliban.

It’s absolutely flabbergasting that the most powerful empire ever to exist on this raped planet can’t train a police force – a goddam police force fer chrissakes – in ten years of occupation.

We’ve had generals with four feathers in their caps, all kinds of shiny, metal thingies on their shoulders and piles of bird shit on the visors of their caps in charge of that exploited country for a decade and they can’t train a police force!!!!!

What an empire??? Is it any wonder the country is in such dreadful condition?

Trillions wasted for war making capability; then they go chintsy for treatment for wounded men and women, deducting millions from the paychecks of maimed soldiers for food they receive in military hospitals while recovering from the wounds of war.

These acts are no doubt decisions made by those generals with the bird shit on their caps I mentioned a few sentences ago.

Those guys have been at the military game for decades and they’re still trying to win a war. Problem is, they’ll never stop trying. We need to find a country they can invade and conquer and then let them pound their chests in victory. Like maybe Eritrea; or Haiti after a hurricane. Then we keep our fingers crossed so that they don’t fuck it up.

Losing all these wars is getting discouraging for the subjects of the empire. Trillions spent and the Einsteins at the top can’t train a police force let alone win a freaking war.


You’ve seen these numbers before but they’re worth repeating. Below are the clowns (aka presidents of the U.S.) who are most responsible for the modest debt the nation now carries. Yes, the debt is both modest and manageable despite the phony hysterics drummed up by the rich whose sole purpose is to destroy Social Security and Medicare so they can get their hands on the money.

The clown responsible for the largest increase and the president beatified by the Republican Party is none other than small government guru Ronald Reagan. He is followed by the president who caused more damage to the country than all other presidents, the one, the only George W. Bush. This guy is followed by his daddy. The two Democratic presidents during this era created less debt combined than George’s daddy alone.


Courtsey of Bartcop, here is a comment by Maureen Dowd, columnist for the New York Times, revealing the phony nature of the man just named VP candidate for the GOP.

September 2, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 09/02/12

Republicans held their pep rally in Tampa this week. The bonfire had to be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Attendees were asked to check the bulletin board for hospitality suite locations. Those who weren’t already too drunk to read showed up in record numbers at these frat party clones and partied through the night.

At the convention itself, the delegation that threw the most stuff at an African-American camera woman won a prize.


I tried to read Chris Christie’s autobiographical outline (aka keynote speech) twice. It seems he had really great parents. So what happened?

Christie was supposed to jump up and down kicking his legs high into the air while leading the cheer for Romney. Workman, however, feared the reinforced platform would not support the New Jersey governor. .

Did Christie mention more tax cuts for rich people or did I miss that part?

Paralyzed by the need for love,” gov. I’ve never heard it referred to as that before. Take an extra Viagra.

Have you tried masturbation? .

Maybe he should go on a cat food diet.  Losing weight can improve sex life.   And Chris, dry is healthier than canned. Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Speaking of diets here is the GOP Diet Plan for seniors who live on the average Social ­-­Security check: Dry cat food for breakfast, skip lunch, then a beef flavored doggie bone for dinner.

When Medicare is destroyed and seniors are forced onto Ryan’s Vouchercare, the GOP Diet Plan calls for the elderly to break the dinner doggie bone in half.


My sources in the Obama campaign are telling me that Joe Biden’s mouth has been duct taped. The action was forced upon Obama’s advisers because of Biden’s statement guaranteeing that Social Security would not be touched. And the next time his says something that the majority of Americans agree with, he’ll be serving a tour in Gitmo.


Here is a doozie uttered by the right wing extremeist Paul Ryan:  “The method of conception does not change the definition of life.”

The statement occurred in the context of a discussion of rape.  And some people seem to think Ryan was merely repeating scientific truths.

OK, then. Here’s some scientific truth for Ryan to ponder: The method of murder doesn’t change the definition death. And since we all have to die someday, I guess the “method” of death is of no consequence.  Huh!!!

In any case, I cannot imagine a woman who becomes pregnant as the result of a rape considering the act a “method” of conception.

While a pregnancy may occur as a result of this brutal act, considering brutality another “method” for a woman to conceive is, well, inconceivable.

Ryan’s statement is another view into the deep, dark recesses of the Republican mind and another striking example of the GOP’s war on women. This right wing extremeist of course got a free pass from what pretends to be the media in this country.


 Ann Romney has always been a stay at home mom. And the kids never wanted for life’s goodies. The servants made the chocolate chip cookies. They also popped the pop corn. Ann never could get that right. Like, ya know, all those buttons on the microwave and everything.


Republicans don’t have a problem with women provided the ladies follow Scripture and obey their husbands in all matters. Oh, and at all times walk five paces behind their spouses as a show of respect for male dominance. Other than that, no problem.


Romney had a visitation from Jesus in 2008. Jesus told him if he ran for president he would win. Well, Jesus was wrong. Mighty Mitt didn’t even get the nomination.

This time Romney bypassed Jesus and went straight to the Big Guy, God Himself. God told him the same thing. “A few more lies, Mitt, and you should wrap this whole thing up.”

One thing you should know about the Almighty. Before he became God, he was a Catholic bishop.

Religious Alert: The pevious sentence is a reference to child molestion practiced by Catholic priests and covered up by many bishops – the so-called defenders of the faith. They flat out lied and got away with it. Perhaps Romney is living by the example the bishops set. And for these people at least, God approves of lying.  Or so you would think by their actions.  


NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey (WISE) telescope discovered a huge number of supermassive black holes last week. The black holes were previously unknown to exist. NASA engineers focused the device on the Tampa Bay Times Forum, host to the Republican National Convention. The telescope also discovered a number celestial objects known as Hot Dogs for hot, dust-obscured goofballs. These objects, referred to as “goofies”, were also observed in profusion at the RNC.

Read the real article at Huffington Post.  Black Holes: Millions Revealed By NASA’s WISE Space Telescope  

August 19, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley – 08/18/12

Ryan Knows Where The Nose Goes.

Paul Ryan’s classmates voted him the school brown noser. Since graduation he’s gone on to perfect his technique.

He’s spent a lifetime perfecting the technique.

And that boys and girls is how he acquired that shit eating grin.

Paul Ryan Voted “Biggest-brown Noser” by His Senior Class: Nothing’s Changed

By Mark Karlin at Buzzflash.


Paul Ryan who was voted brown noser

Went on to become a slick  poser.

His mates took him down

They knew him a clown.

And now he’s the Medicare disposer.


His plan should be called VoucherCare.

To dispute it the pundits don’t dare.

They’ll idolize Ryan

Who’ll have seniors cryin’

By leaving their cupboards all bare.


His plan will take Medicare down.

Leaving us all with a frown

But profits will soar

As he laughs with a roar

While with cronies his nose remains brown.


What Democratic Congress critters call congeniality, Ryan’s classmates recognized as brown nosing.

He’s just sharpening the knife.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

It’s should be obvious by now that this guy is a purely political animal tainted by vast amounts of hypocrisy.

His VoucherCare, for example, will further impoverish seniors (which all of us will be one day). The issue was one he dared not mess with during a Republican presidency.

By the way, Paul, is dry cat food healthier than canned?

Sure, just add water. Then, skip lunch and have a beef flavored doggie bone for dinner.

Thanks, Paulie.


Romney Supports Ryan’s VoucherCare.

This Dangerous Duo’s VoucherCare will doom us all to a sick, painful and shortened retirement. That’s a by product of the plan.

Shhhhhh. ‘Cause it’s a secret. Don’t repeat it to a soul.

Sadly, enough people may do just that.

In any case, here’s hoping each and every one of you become seniors some day and can live your younger years knowing that the covenant between the generations will be honored by our government and that you are comforted by the fact the benefit you have been paying for all of your working life will be there for you when you need it during retirement.

Incidently, Medicare, just like Social Security, is not an “entitlement”. It’s a benefit you paid for. You earned it. It’s yours. And you must not allow some greedy government bureaucrats in Congress and the White House to cheat you out of it.


Post Calls Romney “Tax Plan” Garbage.


That’s two for two for the Dangerous Duo: Ryan’s VoucherCare and Romney’s Tax Scare. Both are frightening and rightly called “garbage.”

That’s how the Washington Post referred to Romney’s tax mythology.

It’s becoming more apparent every day that the GOP is depending for victory on the vote from those whom they refer to as the “greedy geezers.” These are the folks the Dangerous Duo believe their ideas coincide as in “I got mine; screw everybody else.”

File:Duchovní cvičení.jpg

 Greedy geezers??? The GOP thinks so. Are the seniors across the U.S. aware of this fact. If they are not and vote for the Dangerous Duo they will be heaping on to their children and grandchildren an enormous amount of suffering.

I simply can’t believe the GOP’s “greedy geezers” could be as cruel and insensitive as Republicans seem to think they are.


You’ve heard, I’m sure, that egg yolks are bad for your health. Those little bubbles of jiggling yellow contain excessive amounts of artery clogging cholesterol. Block an artery with enough of that stuff and you can suffer a myocardial infarction or cerebral ischemia.

Now if that doesn’t scare the shit out of you how about an arteriosclerotic aneurysm.

And all that just from eating a couple of goddam eggs a week.

But the good news is, I’m starting a campaign among friends, neighbors and relatives urging them to send a dozen eggs to each of their Congress critters.

That’s one sure way of getting them out of office. Certainly a lot quicker than elections.


So smoking’s as bad as egg yolks

Especially for elderly folks

Now be a good fellow

And stick all that yellow

In the trash and avoid all those strokes.

3 egg yolks

3 egg yolks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the way, oral sex lowers bad cholesterol.  My LDL has always been great.  So stop eating those nasty ole egg yolks.

Thank God beer is still OK. And wine. And Scotch.  Or, if you prefer, tequila.

I’ve heard that downing a couple of alcoholic beverages every night is good for your heart.

So, if you have twice as many drinks could you still eat egg yolks? Probably not, but you wouldn’t care as much for sure. In any case, na zdorovye.


A tattoo on the anus.  This practice could give the expression “kiss my ass” a whole new meaning.

Maria Louise Del Rosario.

Uh, careful around the tattoo please.”

Gives me an idea for a Christmas gift.


Rumor has it that this young lady had her boyfriend’s name tattoed in that very private place. His name: Alessandro Baldasarre Piazzalugga.

Two things come to mine: Either a very talented tattoo artist or a huge….


I once knew a girl named Louise

Whose skirt flew up in a breeze

When to my surprise

Before my shocked eyes

Her tat read “free lunch but I’m really a tease.”


A girl who had a tattoo

Completely hidden from view

Would show her sweet prize

To all of her guys

Then winked and left them to stew.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


Take your adviser’s advice Mr. Ryan: Don’t campaign on specifics. But especially when you don’t know what they are.

Ryan faulted President Obama for closing a GM plant in Janesville, WI. The plant actually shut down during the Bush administration.  So who knew?

The episode raises a question however: Is Ryan just plain dumb; or was he lying?

What did he know and when did he know it???

Personally, I’m convinced of the former. Anyone who could concoct a budget as full of balderdash as that Ryan catastrophe has to be short a zero on the IQ scale.

Message for Paul Ryan:  “How do you like your eggs, sir.”

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost