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October 27, 2013

The DC Folly Trolley – 10/27/13


Sarah Palin shot herself in the foot this week. The accident marks the 42nd time the former governor has done so.


Sarah Palin’s Horrifying Message For Piers Morgan

This time she took aim at Piers Morgan of CNN choosing a strange way of declining an invitation to appear on his interview show.  

At times I think her brains may be where she keeps shooting herself.


Dick Durbin Does Dems Dirty.

The senior senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, who inexplicably has made a sharp right wing turn on safety net issues, revealed last week that a certain Repub congressman while in a meeting with Barack Obama said he “couldn’t stand to look at him.”


Shades of Sarah Palin, Little Dicky Durbin shoots self in foot twice in one month.

The White House quickly dumped on Durbin after Majority Leader Harry Reid spilled the goods on the congressional GOP no-gooder, some guy from Texas who goes by the name of Pete Sessions. The dump-dump occurred when Press Secretary Jay Carney described the event as whatchacall your “mis-communication.”

I wonder if Durbin isn’t trying to cover his tracks after he brazenly lied about Social Security going broke on the Fox GOP propaganda network.


Etna Blows.

Mt. Etna, a volcano located on the lovely Italian isle of Sicily, erupted once again, spewing lava into the air and forcing the closure of airspace to all traffic.

Conclusion: God is angry with Italians for electing a moderate cleric to the Papacy.


Thar she blows. Now that is one pissed off god.

What else could it be!


Preacher Cures Deaf.

Multimillionaire TV preacher and African diamond mine wage slaver Pat Robertson chided a woman who prayed to God to cure her son’s deafness. Her prayers have been ignored and the preacher man said she must have done something to displease God if He chose not to answer her entreaties.

The preacher continued his chiding by telling the woman that he himself had restored hearing to the deaf by “rebuking” the bad spirit of deafness.


The search for Pat Robertson’s Bad Spirit of Deafness yielded this photo by David Levine of Portland, OR entitled Libation to the Spirits.  Methinks Pat has been communicating with this spirit more than he would like to admit.

Way to go Pat. Must be an easy malady to cure if you’ve done it. There are many more people suffering from deafness you could turn your miracle working toward.

Perhaps your co-pays and deductibles are too high.

Hey, you wouldn’t be willing plug up that volcano erupting in Sicily would you?

Name your price.


Combating Hunger In America.

There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to go hungry in America.

For example, generic cornflakes with a smidgen of powdered milk makes for a wonderfully nutritious meal. For lunch, add a pinch of salt. Dinner, some pepper or oregano.

Dandelion leaves are also nutritious. You can pick them from your lawn or your neighbors’. Be careful you don’t get shot however.

Ever thought about shoplifting? Now that winter’s coming, you can wear a heavy overcoat without being suspicious. Slip a can of peas or green beans into oversize pockets and no one will ever notice. Eating one or two peas a day can make for a wonderful treat and they last for a long time.

Don’t worry about getting caught shoplifting. Ladies, if you are ever searched simply yell “RAPE” at the top of your lungs. The manager will give you a bag of groceries just to shut you up.

And for the guys, insist that searching violates your privacy rights and demand to call your attorney.

And if nothing else works, there’s always the soup kitchen.  They’re making a comeback.

soup kitchens

Painting of a soup kitchen by William Rose (1810-1873).

By using these and other creative means, anyone can easily avoid starvation.

So there’s no reason for a person to starve in America and that is something we can all be very proud of.