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February 16, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

We practice a particularly vicious brand of capitalism in this country. I call it T-Rex capitalism because the Wall Street and corporate gangsters who advocate for it are as voracious as any tyrannosaur that ever roamed the earth.

T. rex

T. rex (Photo credit: e_monk)

The tyrannosaurs of Wall Street will devour us all – and love every minute of the slaughter.


A fellow was way off his game.
Too many women made it go lame
He was a fine dude
But thoughts of gals lewd
Put his game and his fame to ignominious shame.


Ten ways to keep corporate tyrannosaurs happy:

  1. Lower taxes on earned income.

  2. Reduce the capital gains tax to zero.

  3. Give a 100% deduction for all corporate jets.

  4. Eliminate the minimum wage.

  5. Eliminate labor unions.

  6. Eliminate the Labor Department.

  7. Eliminate the NLRB.

  8. Eliminate child labor laws.

  9. Eliminate the 40 hr. work week requirement and overtime pay.

That’s just for starters. I’m sure Congress can come up with many other ways to provide help to our corporate masters.


A Republican governor said the GOP deserves credit for the economy. Sure, Republicans and their conservative allies can take credit for it beginning with Ronald Reagan’s supply-side thirty years ago. They’ve been trying their hardest to screw it up ever since and are succeeding beyond their wildest imaginations.

Ronald Reagan.

Image via Wikipedia

A little more make-up on the left please.


Foster Friess, billion backer of Rick Santorum, said today that back in his day the ladies used aspirin as a method of birth control. Apparently, they held an aspirin between their knees and it wasn’t an expensive method..

Back in my day, they used a guy’s head for contraception. The gals put it between their legs and that wasn’t very expensive either. Worked too.

Back in those days I was still a Catholic and I used contraceptive devices. And for that sinful behavior my immortal soul has long since been consigned a place in the everlasting fires of Hell. So I don’t really care much about the head method of contraception – not then; not now.


Unreliable Press Worldwide is reporting today that a spokesman for the Rick Santorum campaign, speaking under conditions anonymity, stated that if elected president, Santorum will nominate Pope Benedict XVI for a seat on the Supreme Court. If his nomination is approved by the Senate, the Pope is considered certain to cast his vote against abortion and birth control. The Pope would be the sixth Catholic and represent the sixth extreme conservative justice to sit on the bench.

File:Bush and Benedictus 81st birthday 2008.jpg

UPW is also reporting consistent rumors emanating from the Vatican that the College of Cardinals is considering elevating a US cardinal to the papacy and having him compete for the Republican nomination for the US presidency in 2016 should Obama win reelection.