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February 11, 2012

The DC Folly Trolley

Seems Rick Santorum didn’t win any delegates with his primary victories this week. However, maybe it isn’t the delegates he’s after right now.

File:Rick Santorum, Soda Jerk - Caricature.jpg

Bet he cashes in on those victories pretty good though. At least twenty to thirty million, probably more. Delegates? No. Who needs delegates if you don’t have the cash! Only one thing works in US politics. You gotta have the geetus. No boodle and you’re a sure loser. The victories should fill Santorum’s coffers with millions – of dollars naturally.


Little Ricky also said that Obama’s policies toward religion have put his administration on a path toward decapitation of Christianity.

Decapitation? So why not crucifixion? That’s the way the Romans exercised control over religious dissidents. And what’s wrong with a little crucifixion every now and then. Surely any devout Christian would prefer to be crucified rather than have his head chopped off.

Come on, Little Ricky. Let’s get with the program.


Some little girl, a seventh grader who attends Sacred Heart Catholic Academy in someplace called Shawano, WI, got suspended from a basketball team for one game because she said something to a teammate in her native language.

Native American Languages being discouraged, what a shame!! | Ola Ka ‘Olelo:

Seventh grader Miranda Washinawatok, Menominee

The coach suspended her because he didn’t understand the language and thought the girl might be saying something vulgar.

She was actually teaching a classmate how to say “I love you” in Menominee, the native language of a local Indian tribe.

Well, here’s something the little girl might want to say to her coach the next time he butts in: “Vaffanculo, stronzo.”*

That phrase comes from the native language of my forebears. However, repeating it would probably get the girl suspended for at least two games.

*This is a vulgar expression so you won’t want to look it up in Google Translate, Italian to English.


Some Fox Newser, I believe it was the entertainer named Sean Hannity, said that Obama never wanted to get Osama bin Laden.

According to information received by UPW Senior Reporter Marcy Popindick from an informant who spoke under conditions of anonymity, the CIA new of bin Laden’s whereabouts for a number of years and often delivered pizza to the address where bin Laden resided.

English: The compound where Osama bin Laden wa...

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Hello, thank you for calling Godfather’s. That’s two large with peppers and onion and one with anchovy. And the name. Been Ladin. That’ll be about twenty minutes.”

However, due to a misspelling of the name, the CIA could not be certain that the address they delivered pizza to was the residence of the bin Laden. Ya know, like, the one who was responsible for, like, ya know, 9/11.

Bin Laden was finally identified after he got pissed off and complained about the CIA fucking up another one of his pizza orders.

That’s supposed to be one with onions, one with peppers and one with anchovy. Can’t you assholes get anything right. And stop spelling my name wrong. That’s bin Laden: b-i-n L-a-d-e-n.”

Golly, gee,” a CIA agent reported to the White House. “We think this might be the guy.”

According to the spokesman, the White House had long ago stopped ordering pizza from the CIA front shop in DC because they couldn’t tell a sausage from a pepperoni. However, orders did go out to send in helicopters and a Navy seal team to the address in Pakistan reported by the agency. It was on that night the administration assassinated bin Laden who it is believed was suffering from severe indigestion from consuming too much pizza.


The Obama administration reportedly required institutions operated by the Catholic church, other than the churches themselves, to provide free access through health insurance policies to birth control methods to employees of those institutions. The church hierarchy objected to the new rules claiming that they violated church doctrine prohibiting the use of birth control to prevent pregnancy.

As usual, the president folded under the threat of controversy and tried to work out a compromise. Under the new guidelines, the Catholic institutions themselves would not be required to provide access to birth control. However, the health insurance company that covers other heath conditions for these institutions would provide birth control free of charge to employees who use them.

Free of charge?” From a health insurance company? You gotta be kidding. It isn’t clear yet how the costs would be paid. What is clear is that someone’s paying for this. So the cost will undoubtedly be tied into the premiums paid by these Catholic institutions. They just wouldn’t be paid directly. A 21st century solution to a 12th century problem??? Go figure.


There has always been the fear that cutting doctor and hospital fees would force the medical profession to refuse to give care to seniors. However, given an aging population ever more dependent on Medicare, the medical profession has no where else to go. The options for doctors: Accept Medicare or sell used cars.

As good as medical care is in this country, the nation has reached the point where it can no longer afford to pay for it for the majority of its citizens.

Cut costs in half and put them in line with the costs of other advanced nations and the problems with medical care and the projected deficit go away.

The read danger to this country is the profitization of senior medical care for the benefit of Wall Street as proposed by the Ryan plan.

Caricature of Rick Santorum by DonkeyHotey.  As always click the photo for the link.